How To Get A Project Manager Job & Salary Guide Australia

See how to get a project manager job in Australia. This Swinburne Open Education job and salary guide can help you land a role in this growth industry.

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Project management for an organisation is an effective way to coordinate and optimise business resources. Regardless of the industry sector, defining a project structure is a great way to meet specific objectives based on agreed parameters. A project manager is the individual responsible for mapping and delivering these objectives based on accepted criteria.

From finance and construction to software engineering, marketing, and numerous other fields, a project manager coordinates people and processes in an effort to deliver results on time and within budget. They help to manage diverse teams, galvanise work efforts, and deliver results that align with the goals of the initiative.

If you've been looking for project manager courses online, Swinburne Open Education has a solution. With our Diploma of Project Management, we offer students the ability to gain valuable business skills and get project management qualifications to launch a career in this growth area. 

How to become a project manager in Australia

Project management is a rewarding discipline with lots of professional opportunities. To work in this field, you need to obtain a recognised qualification, gain appropriate experience, and promote your value to the market. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to advance, the following elements are essential:


Completing a specialised course is an ideal way to gain experience and the skills needed to get a job as a project manager, project team leader, or project management coordinator. More than a general business course, programs are based around specific project management skill sets and scenarios. At Swinburne Open Education, the Diploma of Project Management is an 18 to 24-month course. It delivers valuable knowledge and industry skills to help you plan, lead, and execute projects from concept to completion.

Gain experience

Along with studying, it's important to gain professional experience on the ground. Project management is a diverse field, and many of the things you learn are specific to certain industries. 

While a dedicated course teaches you how to manage teams and finances effectively, learning how to engage and influence people also requires practical skills. Whether it's communicating with stakeholders or interpreting compliance requirements, some things are best learned through experience.

Promote yourself

Like most professional positions, a little self-promotion goes a long way. Once you've obtained the necessary qualifications, it's important to get out there and meet some people. Spend time creating a great CV, network within preferred industries, and learn related business skills to help boost your employment prospects. 

Working or volunteering under a project manager is a great way to learn more about the job, and it also helps to promote your name and build your self-confidence.

Project manager salary guide

Based on national figures from Seek, the average annual salary for a project manager in Australia ranges from $125,000 to $145,000. This salary range varies based on the industry and organisation, along with the skills and experience of the project manager. 

Salaries are generally higher for project management roles in the financial services or accounting industries. Salaries and job availability is also very healthy in the construction sector.

Project Manager career stats showing weekly pay, future growth, employment size and more in Australian labour market

Source: Labour Market Insights

What skills do you need to work as a project manager?

Project management involves lots of different tasks and responsibilities. While this can be incredibly rewarding, it also requires an extensive skill set. The following skills are vital for every successful project manager:

  • Planning and developing ideas

  • Building and managing teams

  • Setting budgets and timelines

  • Managing capital and cash flow

  • Measuring outcomes and making adjustments

  • Coordinating with employees and stakeholders

  • Evaluating performance based on project goals

Along with these material skills, working as a project manager also requires a healthy intangible skill set. For example, effective project managers are good at situational analysis and critical thinking, and they're also likely to have empathy with people in their team. Flexibility is also key, with the best project managers making highly detailed plans but also making creative adjustments when required.

Study to become a project manager at Swinburne Open Education

If you want to work as a project manager in any industry, it's important to obtain the right qualifications. At Swinburne Open Education, we offer the BSB50820 - Diploma of Project Management course, which provides a foundation for a career in this area. This nationally accredited online diploma qualification is a course option, together with our Business, Finance & Accounting courses.  

This nationally recognised online course has a duration of 18-24 months, and it's ideal for anyone who wants to work as a project manager, project team leader, or project management coordinator. The knowledge presented and skills developed in this course will help you succeed as a project manager in any industry.

Swinburne online courses are developed in partnership with Australian industry leaders for the best possible outcomes for students. All course material is delivered online. A flexible learning platform allowing you to continue in a current role while you study. You can earn a diploma or certificate with Swinburne Open Education.

Project manager FAQs

Q: What type of industries hire project managers in Australia?

Project managers are utilised across multiple industry sectors, but they're especially popular in finance, construction, engineering, IT, manufacturing, and healthcare.

Q: What personal attributes make someone a good project manager?

Project management requires someone to be well-organised and goal-oriented, with great communication skills. Collaboration is key to every successful project, with good leaders listening to feedback and delegating responsibility while staying accountable. 

Q: Does project management work require a qualification?

While there are many ways to become a project manager, the vast majority of employers in Australia expect project management qualifications. Obtaining a Diploma of Project Management can provide a clear pathway to landing a role in this field.

Q: What specific skills are taught in a Diploma of Project Management course?

An online diploma course specialising in project management includes lessons on how to scope risks, set budgets, ensure quality, and manage human resources, amongst other learning. You will also gain experience in influential communication skills, become an expert in meeting management, and learn how to interpret compliance requirements.

Are you interested in becoming a project manager in Australia? Contact Swinburne Open Education today for more information about our nationally accredited online courses. Our learning platform can help you begin your journey, or take the next step on this rewarding career path. 


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