How To Get A HR Job & Salary Guide in Australia

Want to know how to get a HR job in Australia? This Swinburne Open Education job guide has the info you need to land a HR role.

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HR specialists assist businesses in maximising the value of their people resources. A job in HR entails finding and keeping top talent, inspiring workplace teams, and helping workers realise their full potential by fostering the development of their abilities.

Are you considering starting a career in human resources in Australia? Read on to learn about the skills, qualifications, and salaries of HR jobs in Australia.

How To Get A HR Job

The best way to get into a HR career involves the following:

Studying an online course

Studying gives you a thorough grasp of human resource management skills and a marketable skill set for potential employment. You can choose from a few different study avenues. One way to get job-ready for an administrative position in an HR department is with a Certificate IV in Human Resource Management. This 12- to 18-month online study course lays the proper foundation for your HR career.

Continuous study will help you if you want to pursue a higher degree or apply for a promotion.

Gaining experience and self-promotion

You can gain HR experience without getting an actual human resources job. Participating in student organisations or NGOs as a volunteer is one of the best approaches to acquiring the necessary experience. Most organisations have a flexible structure allowing volunteers to experiment with various management roles. Engage in recruitment activities like promotion, selection, and training of newcomers to gain the experience you require.

The hands-on experience you get will help you build a good portfolio and grow your confidence in the marketplace. Future potential employers will see that you’re keen and committed to progress.

To self-promote and stand out from the rest, ensure you keep your LinkedIn profile updated. Contact businesses and ask about internships — that internship could be your gateway to permanent employment.

Build your network and develop your talents as you engage in internships and volunteer work. You’ll get access to plenty of networking opportunities and seminars where you may learn from HR experts.

HR Job Salary Australia

The average adult salary for an HR job in Australia based on a 42-hour week is $57,800. These earnings increase with experience and level of education.

Human resource management career stats showing weekly pay, future growth, employment size and more in Australian labour market

Source: Labour Market Insights

The employment of human resources managers is expected to increase in Australia. As the older generation retires and other employees change careers, there will be room for newer talent to occupy HR jobs.

What skills do you need to get an HR job?

HR managers must determine whether a potential hire is a good fit for the job and the business and how satisfied the present workforce is. You must be a productive middle manager before flourishing in an HR job. A strategic mindset and consideration of your workforce’s long-term development are necessary.

Other skills and traits you will need to flourish in an HR job include the following:

  • Communication skills

  • Psychology skills

  • Problem-solving skills

  • Customer-service abilities

  • Time management skills

  • Listening skills

  • Analytical capabilities

  • Leadership abilities

  • Good interpersonal skills

  • Negotiation skills

  • Digital literacy

  • Administration and organisation knowledge

  • Ability to compromise

  • Innovation and adaptability

  • Cooperation and teamwork

  • Respect and tact

  • Non-judgmental attitude

  • Open-mindedness

  • Confidence

  • Goal-oriented

  • Understanding of social responsibility

  • Passion for learning and understanding people

Why Study To Get A HR Job Through Swinburne?

Pursuing your studies through Swinburne Open Education can help you build the ideal foundation for a career in human resources. With access to knowledgeable lecturers and updated educational resources, you can study online whenever it is most convenient.

Certificate IV in Human Resource Management is a nationally recognised qualification and will give you the right skills to handle your clerical and administrative job.

This Certificate IV course covers units such as:

  • Administering performance development processes

  • Supporting employee and industrial relations

  • Supporting the learning and development of teams and individuals

  • Coordinating recruitment and onboarding

  • Supporting human resource functions and processes

  • Implementing and monitoring WHS policies, procedures, and programs

Swinburne’s courses are developed in collaboration with leaders in the field to provide the most up-to-date skills for your career. Thanks to this qualified training and support, you are well-prepared for your HR role while studying from home.

HR Job Career FAQs

A career in HR is relatively easy to get into. With an online Certificate IV in Human Resource Management, you can comfortably kick-start your career in HR. When you gain this nationally accredited certificate, you will have the skills employers in Australia are looking for. A degree is the way to go if you want a promotion or better employment opportunities.

Swinburne’s Certificate IV in Human Resource Management takes 12-18 months. Some graduates are lucky to get a job soon after, but you may need several months of experience to gain employment. Voluntary work and internships are the best places to start after completing your studies.

Certificate IV in Human Resource Management prepares you for the following career opportunities:

  • Human resources coordinator

  • Payroll officer

  • Human resources officer

As you advance your education and experience, you may qualify for senior managerial roles, like human resource manager.

Working as an HR professional has several advantages despite the demanding nature of the job. You are able to help others in many ways, like:

  • Resolving problems at work

  • Gaining access to courses and programs for skill improvement

  • Signing up for significant business benefits

Helping other people achieve their goals is often satisfying. You also help businesses grow by assisting employers in establishing fruitful, long-lasting connections with their employees.

As you interact with diverse people in the company, you learn about their cultures, experiences, and opinions. Working in HR also gives you opportunities for career advancement. You can change jobs laterally or create an area of speciality.

Still looking at your career options? Contact Swinburne Open Education to speak to one of our career experts today, for more information about studying human resources. We can help you explore online course options to help you make a choice.

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