How To Get A Marketing Job & Salary Guide in Australia

Want to know how to get a marketing job in Australia? This Swinburne Open Education job and salary guide has the info you need to land a role in this field.

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A job in marketing involves creating plans of action to boost the sales of goods and services that companies and other organisations provide. Together with sales staff, marketers have a critical duty to perform in producing fresh clientele. They might analyse consumer data and look into the demographics of their target audience.

Are you interested in learning how to get a marketing job in Australia? Continue reading to learn more about the salary, duties, and skills needed for a marketing job.

How To Get A Marketing Job In Australia

Consider the following to start your career and get a marketing job in Australia:


Certifications serve as proof to employers that a candidate possesses the skills and knowledge required for the position. Even seasoned marketing professionals use certificates to show that they are committed to keeping their knowledge up to date. Studying marketing equips you with a thorough understanding of the field and a more desirable skill set.

There are several possible study avenues, including the Cert. IV in Marketing and Communication. With this nationally recognised marketing certificate, you can learn the essentials of company marketing communication concepts and procedures. The certification will help you acquire highly sought-after marketing and communication abilities.

Gain Experience & Self-Promote

Just because you might not obtain a job without relevant experience, doesn't mean you can't get experience without the job. Take initiatives to practise your skills and knowledge. If there are no available jobs, the following opportunities can assist with real-world experience:

  • Internships

  • Mentorships

  • Short-term contracts

  • Volunteer work

Real-world work experience is beneficial for developing your portfolio and increasing your self-confidence. Your marketing and communication skills get sharper as you practise them. It will also show your interest and commitment to possible future employers.

Establish contacts and gain knowledge about the marketing industry. Your network will inform you about training sessions, business developments, job openings, and other relevant marketing information.

Make sure your LinkedIn page is up to date for self-promotion. Include all related experiences, skills, and qualifications, such as internships or volunteer experiences. This will help you stand out during recruitment.

Marketing Job Salary Guide

Based on a 44 hour full-time working week, the median full time pay for a marketing position in Australia is $1,758. Median per hour wages are $47, (which is $6 per hour more than all other jobs by median). Marketing wages typically rise based on the level of experience.

Advertising and Marketing Professionals Australia Job Stats include weekly salary, future job growth, employment size, skill level rating, full-time share, average full-time, average age and gender share

Source: Labour Market Insights

A significant number of brand-new marketing job opportunities are anticipated over the next five years. The rising job opportunities are a result of the ongoing growth in the marketing sector in Australia.

What Skills Do You Need For A Marketing Job?

You need to have the following skills to get a marketing job:

  • Excellent written and vocal communication skills

  • An understanding of consumer psychology

  • Creative thinking skills

  • Problem-solving skills

  • Knowledge of digital marketing and social media platforms

  • Consumer behaviour analysis and stakeholder management​ skills

  • Research, data analysis and presentation skills

  • Development and implementation​ of strategies ability

Why Study To Get A Marketing Job With Swinburne Open Education?

Studying with Swinburne Open Education gives you the best grounding for a marketing profession in Australia. When you gain a nationally accredited Certificate IV in Marketing and Communication, you learn skills that Australian and international businesses seek. You get access to knowledgeable instructors and the most recent educational materials as you study online from home or remotely.

More reasons to opt for starting your marketing career journey with Swinburne Open Education include:

  • Learn anytime and anywhere with a program designed and delivered online.

  • Use a device of your choice to study, via desktop, tablet, or mobile

  • Learn through regular online sessions with a tutor with original content.

  • Participate in your online learning community through forums and communication.

The BSB40820 Certificate IV in Marketing and Communication course covers modules including the following areas of study:

  • Marketing presentations

  • Articulating and debating ideas

  • Undertaking marketing activities

  • Analysing consumer behaviour

  • Developing and applying knowledge from the communications industry

  • Writing marketing plans and documents

Swinburne's courses are created in collaboration with leaders in the field to provide you with qualified training and support to get job ready.


Marketing Career FAQs

Marketing includes spreading the word about a business or company's goods or services. Based on demographic information, marketers build pricing and targeting strategies. They also create advertising campaigns and analyse market trends. Marketers then collaborate with the business to raise public awareness of what they offer.

A marketing and communication certificate provides insight into marketing. There are employment opportunities with this qualification. You can quickly transfer the skills you learn during the course to the business sector. A degree is not a must. But if you want to improve your employment prospects and earning potential over time, a degree can be a step in the right direction.

Working in marketing without prior experience is feasible, but the chances are rare. Getting a marketing job without experience depends on the organisation's willingness to support staff members in improving their skills or getting a further education in this field. Your qualifications and experience will increase your ability to look for the employment you desire. These qualifications also open up many more doors and prospects.

Misconceptions regarding introversion and marketing contribute to the notion that marketing jobs are only for extroverted people. Introverted individuals who prefer meaningful, one-on-one interactions or working privately in front of a computer screen have various marketing job options. Many positions are ideal for introverts in the modern digital marketing industry. These careers include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Digital Marketing

  • Marketing research

  • Content marketing

  • Social media management

A Certificate IV in Marketing and Communication, can be a pathway into the following marketing careers;

  • Marketing and communications officer​ or coordinator

  • Digital marketing assistant or coordinator

  • Advertising account coordinator

  • Market research assistant

  • Junior marketing analyst​


You no longer need to continue analysing your career possibilities. Contact Swinburne Open Education for more details on studying marketing and communication or our range of online course options. We can help you explore the options available to you.


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